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Gacha Life

Publicated: 26 Sep 2019

Gacha Life is a game for kids where you can create your own Gacha character, dress him or her any way you want, make friends with NPCs, and play various mini-games. Gacha Life was created by Lunime Studio for iOS and Android platforms. More than 10 million players download the app on the above-mentioned platforms.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

Gacha Life uses 2D anime-styled graphics. The picture looks cartoonish. In addition, it is very colorful and bright. The objects are clearly visible. There are many available outfits, hairstyles, eye colors, etc. All of them look different. If you enter the Life Mode, you will see that there are a lot of NPCs, but each NPC has its unique appearance. As for the sound effects, a few soundtracks playing during your gameplay. You will also hear some sounds while tapping the buttons.

Controls 8/10

Controls are pretty simple. First of all, you have to dress your character. You can do it by tapping on the required outfit. There are also mini-games. Each mini-game has its unique controls. For example, you may have to move your character from one side of your screen to another. To do that, tap anywhere on the ground. However, there are mini-games where you have to tap on a certain spot on your screen.

Gameplay 6/10

After you start the game, you can create your character. You can choose between many t-shirts, pullovers, jeans, skirts, shorts, gloves, belts, etc. You can also select the eye color, eyelashes, mouth, hats, etc. In fact, there are only a few new things since the previous Gacha games. First of all, there are eight mini-games:

  • 1chi's Math (you have to solve simple math tests);
  • Bex's Festival (you have to run with a bucket and catch falling objects);
  • Duck & Dodge (you have to avoid the falling ducks);
  • Phantom's Remix (tap on the required line);
  • Narwhal Sky (fly and pick up stars);
  • Orca Sploosh! (don't let the balls to fall in the water);
  • Picc Pawket Rhythm (tap the required field while listening to the music);
  • Abushu Candy Toss! (catch the bunnies that come from the ground).

The life mode is a mode where you can travel to different locations, speak with NPCs, and that's it. There are many locations, but they are not really interesting.

Lasting Appeal 5/10

The only difference between Gacha Life and previous parts of the Gacha game series is mini-games and life mode. In fact, the customization feature is the same as in previous games. But it may still be interesting to play Gacha Life.

The Bottom Line

We recommend you to play Gacha Life, especially if you are a fan of anime-styled games. This game will be interesting for kids because of the customization system, but if you are an adult, you are probably not going to like the game. Thank you for reading this Gacha Studio review.

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