Doom Eternal Tips and Tricks: How to Stay Up Through

It seemed impossible before now, but DOOM is no longer a relic of the 1990s. The reboot of 2016 was quite its own thing, though keeping up to the best traditions, and DOOM Eternal (2020) is a good sequel that tends to surpass the predecessor in everything. So, if you love shooters but haven’t purchased DOOM Eternal yet – do it. You won’t regret it. And if you already own it, here are some tips and tricks on succeeding in it.

Most of these tips will be useful to you after you’re through some distance and with some power-ups. So read this collection now – and return to it later, when these tips make more sense for you.

Move When There’s an Enemy. Move When There’s None

doom eternal gameplay

DOOM Eternal is a very dynamic game – that is, the enemies are always spotting you. So don’t stand still! Nonstop motion is the key: you have your chainsaw and your gun from the beginning, and killed enemies provide loot. To restore health, approach the enemy, and practice a glory kill. Roast them with your flame belch to strengthen your armor. And when you give them hell with your chainsaw, it results in ammo. So, no matter where you go weak, go ahead and kill’em – and recover. It’s hard to understand for a beginner – but just believe it. So, Xboys, press X for a chainsaw, and make them demons cease to be. Make them X-demons!

But if you feel outnumbered – run. Use Dash or Double Dash for that. Jump up in the air and approach the demons from behind. Don’t let them catch you that easily. So – again – move.

Use Your Environment

doom eternaal gameplay

The corridors of DOOM Eternal are interactive – and you need to make use of that. For example, when the bars around are positioned well enough, swing between them, so you can move faster with dash and double jump. If possible, increase your control with the rune that improves your mid-air move controls. This rune is a great addition to your agility and traversal if you want to build your Doomslayer like this.

Mind Your Weaponry

Doom Eternal has lots of weapons that gradually unlock for you. unlock for you. And with your advance you unlock more and more upgrades for them. Don’t forget to apply these upgrades: even at its easiest, DOOM Eternal doesn’t forgive neglection. So the enemies grow stronger too, and you’ll need a BIGGER… GUN to stop them! And try various mods: they can dramatically change the experience, making weapons better for your style.


doom eternal gameplay

It’s not only your weapons that need modifications and improvements; it’s all of you. In 2020, when it comes to upgrading tree, Doom Eternal can be classified as an RPG-9000. You can upgrade your suits, your moves, even your looks. A suit is great, but a better suit is greater. Skills especially recommended to upgrade as soon as possible are Praetor Tokens, Faster Dasher, and Hit and Run. With them, you will rest faster, cool down after dashes faster, and restore dashes with glory kills. These skills are big-great!


While demons and other mystical enemies in Doom have always been various, in DOOM Eternal you encounter even a greater variety. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, so you can select instantly what weapon to choose if you’re already aware. There’s little to consider with low-level demons: they are only here as supply providers. It takes more wit to defeat middle-level demons. Each of them needs a special approach. For example, if there is an Archville among other demons, you better defeat him first, as he makes other creatures stronger. Cacodemons are good for glory kills, but first, you better throw a grenade to one’s mouth. As for Mancubuses or Revenants, you better shoot their extremities off, so they lose their weapons. There are more, of course, and they will provide you more gameplay hours with their abilities.

Hints Are All Around

doom eternal gameplay

Nothing comes for nothing in DOOM Eternal. If you, say, find a huge pile of ammo right on your way, it’s (among all) a hint that soon you will need it. It goes out to the BFG ammo as well: if there is any, that means you’re about to face something strong. The same is with location elements: for example, if there are swinging bars, you will probably have to use them to avoid demon attacks.

Try Various Difficulty Levels

This may sound basic, but there is a reason for introducing various levels. The easiest one, Too Young to Die, is the best if you’ve never been into shooters or action-packed RPG. Most players will start well with Hurt Me Plenty. If that doesn’t adrenalize you enough to be called a true DOOM, then here comes Ultra Violence. Finally, Nightmare is the one with the strongest demons, and – the most critical difference – no respawn at all. There is a lighter version, a Nightmare with one extra life, forgiving just one mistake per game. Anyway, if you feel ready for the Nightmare, you’ll find no revelation here.

Explore the Place

doom eternal gameplay

While the most obvious way to refill your stocks is collecting loot from killed demons, there are more exotic things to find in the corridors. Make a step left or step right, and you may find just what you lacked – or, on the contrary, what you never even dreamed of. Rare materials for upgrades, keys for Slayer Gates, maps that reveal your further path, and other items are always around if you give a battlefield a closer look.


Or, rather, watch the built-in tutorials. Trials and errors are a well-tested way, but there is always more to learn. The combinations of jumps and dashes are required more often than you think. So you’ll need to learn combos and master moves to succeed along the way. Along with platforming, you’ll need to solve puzzles; DOOM Eternal has more RPG elements than expected, y’all been warned.

Doom In, Doom Out? Or Something More?

Well, each new DOOM installment is a real event worth your attention. Have you already purchased and installed it? How does it feel to play DOOM in 2020? What platform do you prefer? Did you practice any of the hints above? Did they help? Share your experience in the comments. If you have something to add, feel free to speak. We’ll appreciate your participance.

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