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Publication date:May 23, 2020


Hello Neighbor Review: Solve the Main Mystery To Complete the Game

Publicated: 09 Jun 2020

Hello Neighbor is a game developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. Hello Neighbor game belongs to a survival horror stealth genre. The release date of this survival game is 8 December 2017. Hello Neighbor is coming out on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. You can download Hello Neighbor’s latest update on the official platform’s markets.

The Essence of the Game 9/10

The Hello Neighbor review showed that the game has a very curious plot. Once upon a time, you noticed a strange neighbor living on your street who is behaving as paranoic. After that, you even heard the strange noise coming from the basement of his house. What does he hide there? Or maybe who? There is a question you should find the answer. You begin to watch the neighbor’s house and find the moment when he leaves it. This is a good time to get into the house quietly! However, it is not easy. When entering the house, you find a vast number of hidden traps, such as a camera. In addition, a neighbor can return at any time. But, so as not to happen, the goal is one: to find and open the basement.

The game has a powerful AI system that remembers your previous actions making the game harder. For example, if you sneak into the house through an open window, the next time you find them closed. 

Graphics and Audio 7/10

Hello Neighbor full game has excellent graphics. The events happening during the day, however, when you break into the house, you turn out that there are no or very slight lights. But the graphics do not lose its quality. There are a lot of animations and effects.


  • A powerful AI system
  • Good night and day graphics
  • Interesting plot


  • No multiplayer
  • Low replay value rank

Hello Neighbor game has simple sounds, the main aim of which is to support the visual effects. Although many players used to switch them off and listen to other music in the background, we do not recommend you to do so. Our strong recommendation is to take the earphones and switch the game’s music on. As a result, you will immerse yourself in the gameplay even more. 

Сontrols 10/10

As we mentioned above, the game is available on the console and mobile platforms. Therefore, te commands and controls differ. Hello Neighbor has detailed instructions on how to play the game, which you can read before starting to play. 

Immersion 7/10

The game is available to play in a single-player mode only. Moreover, the gameplay is linear. Once you unlock the basement and see what the neighbor hides there, you will lose interest in it. 

Total Score 8/10

Hello Neighbor is an excellent game available on numerous different platforms. Although it has great graphics and a catchy plot, the replay value is still low. It will be better to add the multiplier mode to the game. We recommend you to download Hello Neighbor on a PC or other devices. We are sure that you will have dozens of fun hours playing it. 

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