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GTA V Review: Iconic Shooter Game

Publicated: 09 Jun 2020

GTA V is the latest game in the iconic Grand Theft Auto series. Despite having been around for about seven years already, it remains almost as impressive and popular as it was at the very time of the initial release. But what’s the secret? Let’s download GTA V and find out whether it’s really so great. 

The Essence of the Game 10/10

GTA V apk follows the overall scheme of all Grand Theft Auto games: you play as a criminal who completes a sequence of risky missions for power and money. And for the first time in the series, GTA V action game is about three various criminals, and you can choose one of them freely. Each of them has his own home, vehicle, weapon set, bank account – and his unique abilities. While the characteristics system from San Andreas hasn’t reappeared in the GTA V gameplay, it still boasts some special features for every character.

Openworld has been one of the most important features of Grand Theft Auto games for a long time, but this GTA V latest version features the most detailed of them. And I don’t mean just the city itself – it’s just so full of different attractions, small curiosities, random encounters and hidden quests that you can explore Los Santos for hundreds of hours and still find something surprising now and then. I was really delighted to see that this aspect of the GTA V game was improved a lot, even considering how detailed GTA IV had been.

Graphics and Audio 10/10

GTA V specs are not that outstanding, and the game itself is about seven years old. However, the picture isn’t outdated in any sense – the world looks as impressive and alive as it was on release. Every vehicle looks great, and the animations are nearly perfect. And the work of sound designers is really impressive: the radio stations have a lot of iconic songs from that era, and the voice acting is on the level.

Controls 9/10


  • Great gameplay
  • Nice visual style
  • Full immersion
  • Good controls


  • Weak servers
  • Minor bugs

This GTA V PC version has rather comfortable controls. I prefer the PS4 controls, but it wasn’t too difficult to get used to controlling your character with a keyboard and mouse. Changing weapons is convenient, and different menus are easily accessible. All in all, the game is very easy to play. 

Immersion 10/10

My GTA V review may consider various features and special traits of the game, but it can’t convey that feeling of having a great adventure this game causes. The thing is, you get immersed instantly and completely, and it is definitely one of the deepest and addictive games I’ve ever played. Consider this a recommendation.

Total Score 10/10

All in all, GTA V is one of the best video games of our time. Download GTA V and prepare to spend hundreds of hours in the city of Los Santos.

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