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QR Code Reader Review. An Easy Way to Decode QR Codes

Publicated: 31 Jan 2019

QR code readers can really come in handy when you want to learn more about a product or when you are just curious to find out the message behind a QR code. I don’t believe it is necessary to pay for QR code apps because there are plenty of free options on the market you can use. My personal favorite is QR Code Reader. Find out why in this detailed review.


QR Code Reader doesn’t have many user interface elements. The interface is effortless and straight to the point. The design is also quite simple. The different functions are conveniently located at the top right for easy access, and there aren’t many icons. 10/10.


QR Code Reader is an app that has few features. The main feature is the code scanner which is actually extremely easy to use. To use this feature, all you have to do is open the app and direct your camera towards the code you want to scan, and the app will complete the scan on its own. You do not have to press any button or take a picture. The other feature of this app is scan history which allows you to keep track of all the scans you have performed.

This leading app for QR code scanning is compatible with Google Android devices only. This is unfortunate for iOS users as they can’t use it. 10/10.


This Android app for scanning has reliable performance. Unlike other apps on the market, you will not have to keep on trying to get your camera to scan the code. It gets it on the first try. Apart from this, it doesn’t use up to much battery power, and it doesn’t affect your phone’s performance in any way. The developers are always updating the app with improvements. Since its release, there have been a number of bug fixes and the in-app browser has been improved; it is now more fast and reliable. 10/10.


QR Code Reader is free to download app that does not have any ads or in-app purchases. It has everything you need.

The Verdict

This Google Play app for QR code scanning is my favorite for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is easy to use. Next, it doesn’t take up too much storage space on your phone, and it is effective in what it does. The only issue I have with this app is the fact that it is not available for iOS devices. However, I would still recommend it to anyone who likes getting more information about a product before he or she buys it, a person who is fascinated by QR codes and loves to know their meaning and anyone who wants to know whether or not his or her QR codes are working as they should. You can get the latest version of this app on Google Play Store. Ensure you get the updated version for the best performance.

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