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The TouchRetouch App Experience – Give Your Photos that Extra Vibrancy

As a leading photo editing app, TouchRetouch lets you remove all the unwanted objects from a picture with a sheer simplicity that doesn’t impose a steep learning curve. The latest version of the TouchRetouch app (apk 4.1.8) is available for Android mobile and iOS.


The first thing you interact with when opening the TouchRetouch app is the homepage that has two sections: albums, and tutorials. The video tutorial provides tips on how to use the TouchRetouch tool. The user UI is straightforward and easy to use. At the bottom, there are four tools: object removal, quick removal, line removal, and clone stamp. The line removal tool is one of the features that came with the recent update of the app. 9/10.


Remove Objects

The object removal tool is one of my favorite tools on the app. After identifying the picture to edit, click on the object removal tool. The app provides two methods: brush or lasso. When using the brush, you will need to drag it around the item or person and then click the Go button. You can get the apk download from Google Play app for Android or the Apple Store for iPhone & iPad.

Quick Repair

The TouchRetouch app deals with imperfections and blemishes using the quick repair tool. So, if a pimple protrudes in my picture, I can brush stroke it to make it invisible.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent photo editing and removal of objects
  • Clears blemishes and defects in an image.


  • You cannot download for free
  • it costs $1.99 to install the app
  • Lacks basics like remove red eyes feature
  • No advanced user options.

Line Removal

It is possible to delete an entire line by just marking a section of it. Better yet, the segment remover can help erase some segments of a line. The app can also remove power lines and telephone wires. 9/10.


TouchRetouch is practical. As such it is easy to use. Plus, there are several videos beginners can use to familiarize with the functionality of the app. The tutorials explain the functions of the tool in step by step manner. However, one can play around with the tools to perfect the skills. With one tap you can remove objects and fix blemishes. Even with eliminating a line, the procedure is straightforward and takes minutes. Using the app does not require prior photography skills. 9/10.


The TouchRetouch is an app for all Android devices 4.0 and up, iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.0 or higher, Windows 10 mobile and Windows Phone 8.1.

The Verdict

For some time now, I have avoided sharing some pictures because of the objects and backgrounds that make them imperfect. But with this Android app, I am ready to kickstart my professional photo editing career and relive some memories. Whether its Google Android, iOS or Windows, the TouchRetouch editing app gives an excellent finish. So now you can take pictures from wherever without worrying about the backgrounds or the objects around. The app is quite affordable when compared to the benefits you get. I would recommend it to anyone with an eye for photography and editing.

Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson
Editor, author of Wasteland3 Blog

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