ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Review

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ARK: Survival Evolved Review

Publicated: 29 Jan 2019

Welcome to a mysterious island teeming with dinosaurs and various other giant and unique creatures. Endeavor to survive, build shelters and battle with and against many other players on the same island.

Graphics and Sounds 10/10

The graphics of the game ARK is something that leaves you in sheer awe. Rendered on a very high-quality, the graphics of the game give you that realistic feel which you ever wanted while playing a video game. There are many mysterious creatures on the island, and each one of them has been elegantly designed and crafted. One can experience both the day and night mode in the game. Both these modes flaunt a superb graphics quality.

Controls 10/10

There are various controls in the game. All of them are essential for smooth gameplay. The basic controls are movement controls. You can use the arrow keys or the ‘every gamers’ convenient keys’ - WASD - for controlling the movement of your character. Then there is your mouse to give you a 360° look of your surroundings. There are other keys too for sprinting, collecting resources, picking up a weapon, dropping it, changing your weapon, etc.

Gameplay 10/10

You are stranded on a mysterious island (named ARK) freezing and starving to death. To protect yourself from the harsh climatic conditions and the hunger, you must hunt and build a shelter. Once the primary objectives have been accomplished, all you need to do is survive. In order to survive on the island, you must collect resources, craft items, grow crops, research on the technologies, etc.

Once you have the necessary resources with you, you can kill the dinosaurs, tame them, train them and leverage their powers to dominate the island. Now there are other players too on the same island. You can either team up with them or play against them so as to escape the island once and for all.


  • A Unique Storyline
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • Lots of Fauna Species
  • Amazing Weapons and Armors.


  • Quite a High Recommended System Requirements.

In your endeavor to escape, you get to experience a plethora of things in the game, for instance, flying a Pterodactyl, chasing a T-Rex, breeding the dinosaurs, etc.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

ARK Survival Evolved is known for its unlimited replay value. Right from the movement, you enter the game to the time you are strategizing your escape, the game magnetizes you towards its storyline. Chasing the giant animal species, taming them, training them, killing other players and animals, teaming up with them, each and everything holds you to the game. All in all, a powerful gameplay fused with amazing graphics quality and sound effects give the game a long-lasting appeal.

The Verdict 

If survival and sandbox genre games are something that you hold dear, then ARK Survival Evolved is the game that is sure to woo you. A plethora of challenges and struggles make the game all the more appealing, thrilling, and adventurous. Your command over your trained dinosaurs and other animals, your desire to dominate the ARK Island, and a will to escape it all fuse together to enrich your gaming experience by leaps and bounds.

Don’t just survive against weather, endeavor to outlive all other opponents and unfriendly animal species on the mysterious ARK Island.

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