FreePrints – Photos Delivered

FreePrints – Photos Delivered Review

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Publication date:2020-07-28


FreePrints – Free Photos Delivered Review

Publicated: 07 Feb 2019

Thinking of saving a moment on your wall? FreePrints has the perfect solution; it lets you print photos and have them sent straight to your mailbox. With this app, you can forget all about USB sticks and unreliable printing websites.


Clear interface that is easy to use with legible font and attractive backgrounds. One tap allows you to get to the menu; you can select various cropping and zooming options to apply to your picture. The latest version displays your pictures in glossy or matte according to how you would like your printed version to appear. You can easily navigate from editing one picture to another, making your work easier. 6/10.


This android app allows you to access all your photos from multiple sources. Through the app, you can access the photos saved on your device as well as those on your social media accounts. Import photos from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as Google Docs and Dropbox.

Once you have imported your picture, the app lets you crop, zoom in and get the picture to just the right size. You can then order your 4 x 6 printed picture.

You can keep track of how many free prints you have ordered and how much more you have left.


  • You can download the app for free
  • Does not require any additional software to function
  • Offers up to 85 free prints per month and 1000 per year.


  • Charges shipping fees ranging from $1.99 - $9.99
  • Not available other operating systems except Android
  • Does not allow editing
  • only allows resizing of the picture.

FreePrint lets you opt for faster shipping in order to receive your picture sooner than most orders. Pictures received are of high quality and exact color and resolution as seen in the app while placing the order.

The tool is comprehensive; you do not need extra software updates to print your pictures. 9/10.


FreePrint saves you the hassle of using photo kiosks to print your favorite pictures. Instead of copying your photos on a USB stick and having them printed, you can quickly edit and order the picture to be delivered directly to your mailbox. At an extra fee, you can have your picture shipped faster to make sure you have them in time. The direct approach to printing pictures makes this is a handy app for all Android devices.

Downloadable for Android mobile users with versions 4.1 and up Users get the app on Google Play for Android, or through Apk download. With APK, you still get all files necessary to install this app correctly. There is no iOS version. 10/10.

The Verdict 

FreePrints is the best alternative to going with your pictures to a local store just to have them printed. The offer of free prints every month is simply too good. For an additional fee, you can get duplicates of one picture and enlarge them to any size you would like. Even with the shipping fees, it is impossible not to see why this google android app is a must-have for anyone who loves pictures. All these perks coupled up with excellent customer service makes FreePrints a leading app which Android users would love to have access to as well.

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