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Minuscule AR Review

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Publication date:June 05, 2020


Minuscule AR Review

Publicated: 22 Feb 2019
The Official Minuscule Game

Minuscule AR is an augmented reality game based on the universe of Minuscule, by Thomas Szabo et Hélène Giraud, that offers you to live extraordinary stories with the Minuscule characters at home.

Much to our delight, the Minuscule are among us. They are everywhere: on our screens, and now even in our homes! Minuscule AR offers an unforgettable gaming experience, in which the Minuscules embark on wonderful AR adventures. Get ready to discover astonishing and loveable creatures along this fantastic quest: experience the Minuscule AR adventure!

3 different mini-games, 2 different modes and a high replayability potential. A fun and accessible game for the whole family, even if you haven’t seen the film yet!

Mini-game #1 : Where is Junior?
Cox needs our help to find Junior!
A search game with plenty of Minuscule characters.

Mini-game #2 : The fruit race!
Challenge the characters found in the search game! Pick up the berries on your way, avoid the tracks and cross the finish line before your opponent!

Mini-game #3 : The creative garden!
Create an indoor garden to welcome the Minuscule characters!
Strike your pose, it's picture time!

Story Mode: Live a fabulous adventure alongside Cox!
Free Mode: Play freely within the world of Minuscule and collect its characters!

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