Meteo Monitor 4 Personal Weather Stations PWS PRO

Meteo Monitor 4 Personal Weather Stations PWS PRO Review

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Publication date:June 29, 2020


Meteo Monitor 4 Personal Weather Stations PWS PRO Review

Publicated: 01 Mar 2019
Meteo Monitor for Personal Weather Stations (PWS) PRO - no ads version

This unofficial app shows current and daily information from your Personal Weather Station. It's simple monitoring app with basic charts for checking actual values from PWS. No ads version.


- better live actual values loading (temp, dew, pressure, humidity)
- actual temperature
- actual dew point
- actual pressure
- actual wind/gust speed and direction
- actual outdoor humidity (percent)
- rain detection
- solar radiation information (W/m2)
- UV radiation information
- daily chart for temperature/dew point
- daily chart for pressure in time
- daily chart for wind and gust
- daily chart for wind direction frequency
- daily chart of rainfall/today rain/solar activity
- daily chart of humidity
- metric/imperial units
- PWS location and GPS if available
- PWS elevation in feets if available


This app supports some of these manufactures

- Airmar
- Acurite
- Ambient Weather
- Conrad
- Davis
- Garni
- imetos
- LaCrosse
- Onset Hobo
- Raspberry pi
- Rainwise
- Ventus
- WeatherHawk
- Many others

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