Sootex PRO: Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Sootex PRO: Easy Way to Quit Smoking Review

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Publication date:July 28, 2020


Sootex PRO: Easy Way to Quit Smoking Review

Publicated: 22 Feb 2019
- This is the PRO Version without Ads. (and I am a happy coffee drinker :) )


- Thats the time the hardest craving of nicotine will be over
- Everytime you crave a cigarette - open this app and start the timer
- Survive the timer and the biggest craving should be gone (The app notifies you when its over)
- Success

→ Surviving this craving without smoking a cigarette will result in less and less cravings!

- While you are there, "waiting", check out the awesome quotes section that I found most helpful quitting.

Also: TIPS section and a checklist how to stop smoking easily.

(Help sections are powered by Allen Carr R.I.P. - thank you for helping so many people)

Hope I'll help at least 1 person.

Backstory: My new year's resolution was to quit smoking, so I thought about a way to survive the cravings. Programming was the solution, everytime I felt a craving I looked on my watch and started counting 3 Minutes while programming to shift my mind to something else. The result was, I finally quit while programming this app to help to do so too.

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