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Futsal Referee Pro Review

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Futsal Referee Pro Review

Publicated: 22 Feb 2019
Futsal Referee Pro is the referee timer for the 99% of us who do multiple games in a week and just want to plan for, time, track, and learn from our matches in the most efficient way!

You MUST have an Wear OS watch (aka Android Wear) to use Futsal Referee Pro (does not support Samsung Gear w/Tizen OS).

Futsal Referee Pro is built on the top-rated Soccer Referee Pro, with these additional abilities:

- Tracking of fouls on the Goals-and-Cards screen
- Number of fouls displayed next to the number of goals on the main timer screen
- "Sin-bin" timer (in place of the Added Time) can track any number of players in the sin-bin
- Automatic (on red card) and manual sin-bin start
- Count-down timer
- Presets of 20 and 25 minute periods, or custom periods

Plus all these abilities:
Instantly ready: just set the Half length (on the Watch or Mobile) and you’re ready to go. No team entry, no player names-and-numbers, no complicated setup.

- Reset to beginning of the half on a bad kickoff

Tournament friendly: leave your mobile in your car and manage multiple games from the watch

Large, easy-to-read display with vibration alarms to keep your eyes on the players:
- Count up/down timers
- Added Time
- Extra Time
- Halftime
- Separate vibration alarms to signal starting, paused, and time-expired

Power management:
- Power Save for multiple games (10-20 games per charge)
- Dimmed mode, High contrast mode or full-color

Integrated with your Google Calendar:
- Shows your upcoming games in Future Games
- Arrive By reminders for your games; works with Google travel alerts to make sure you arrive on time (30, 60, or 120 minutes early!)
- Leave By alarm on the Watch to get you on the road in time

Kickoff, Goal, and Card management:
- Kickoff: optionally record which team (Home or Away) kicks off and from where
- Goals: Add/correct goals; optionally record player number
- Cards: Enter one of the 7+7 codes, team, and player number - warns you who is already on a card
- Spend less time recording and more time watching the players (Pro takes 3-5 seconds to record a goal or card)
- Terminate/Abandon game
- Dismiss Team Official

Past Game summary:
- Instant Fitness Summary (total distance; walking/running/sprinting time)
- Field coverage maps (accuracy depends on indoor GPS accuracy)
- Complete event-by-game-time summary including kickoff, goals, cards, adding time, etc.
- Integrated with Google Fit (sessions recorded for each Half)

Half length (20,25 minutes or Custom)
Half-time length (2, 5,10,15 minutes)
Extra time if tied (3,5 minutes)
Team colors
Background (Paused or Expired)
Record fitness
Record game events
And more!


On Your Mobile Device
When you first use Futsal Referee Pro on the mobile device it will ask you to:
- confirm which account to use for Google Fit
- grant read access to your calendar (so you can see future games)

Future Games:
Shows upcoming game from your Google Calendar. Tap the top link to enter keywords and date range. If there is also a Location, you can tap the map link to get driving directions.

Past Games:
Lists completed games, (with details from your Google Calendar)
Tap the ^ symbol to show game events
Tap the map links to see location and speed on a map (if you had Fitness tracking enabled)
You must grant Location permission the first time you use this feature

On Your Watch
To turn on Fitness features in the Watch settings app, use the Record sub-menu
- Activity
- Location
- Game events
Once you turn on either Fitness option, your GPS-enabled watch will track location etc. for the next match. For best accuracy, turn OFF your phone location tracking.

Email [email protected] if you have questions, suggestions, or need help!

All in-app text is in English.

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