Pipe Fab

Pipe Fab Review

OS:Top Apps 4.1 and up
Author:CET Games
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Publication date:June 08, 2020


Pipe Fab Review

Publicated: 22 Feb 2019
Pipe Fab, is a Pipefitters/fabricators game, designed to provide basic pipe fabrication & engineering skills. The game provides an isometric drawing (ISO) and a series of pipes, fittings and equipment materials from which players have to select and build the piping spools or network as per ISO drawings (a puzzle playing mechanism like).

Pipe Fab is a task simulation game where players will simulate the main tasks of pipe fabricators/fitters, pipe engineers and many other construction crafts that uses pipe isometrics drawings. This game provides an easy and fun way to learn construction prints readings. It is an ideal learning way for pippefitters/fabricators, steamfitters, plumbers, pipe engineers, drafters, for those who want to work in the oil and gas industry (mainly in the construction sector), and those interested on pursuing a career in the piping engineering profession. The game is also recommended to anybody who likes to learn different skills and be aware of how the piping networks are built in the big petrochemical plants, in the industrial and domestic buildings.

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