Catch up Seoul-Real Korea Trip

Catch up Seoul-Real Korea Trip Review

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Catch up Seoul-Real Korea Trip Review

Publicated: 01 Mar 2019
Do you want something new while traveling in Seoul?
Here you can find Seoul trendy cafes which are popular on Instagram.
Get secret information about Seoul that typical travelers do not know such as places, food, vegan cafe, shopping, culture, kpop and so on.

A guide to help you travel in Seoul: Catch up Seoul.

# The real Seoul is in alleys?! :
If you are planning to visit Seoul, Myeongdong shopping avenue where people are crowded will be one of your visit course. But keep in mind that it is not all about Seoul.

In Seoul, there are a great number of alleys, each having a distinctive character. When you take your time walking down an alley, you’re just enamored by the genuine charm of Seoul hidden behind multistorey buildings.

Alleys are the place where you can find the "Real" Seoul. (진짜 서울 여행)

# Get interests on the alley :
Did you know that you can explore Seoul through alleys?
We prepared the popular alleys of Seoul for you.
Every alley clip has an essential tip called 'Catch-up Point' and it will help you find easily the attractiveness of the alley.
Also, we provide a map of alleys so you can find it easily.

# Experience Real Seoul :
Have you ever thought about how it feels like when you walk in the alley in Seoul?
Our VR video of alleys will give you a feeling of real experience beyond what you see.

# Recommendation from the local language (Korean) :
Locals get information with their language (Hangul).
It's not an easy thing for foreigners.
But no worries.
We prepared Hangul hashtag which will help you choose easily where you want to go in Seoul.
#한국 #서울 #여행 #맛집

We are your Seoul tour guide app & advisor :)
We want to be the navigation of your Seoul trip.

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