Binaural Brain Therapy ? PRO

Binaural Brain Therapy ? PRO Review

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Publication date:June 12, 2020


Binaural Brain Therapy ? PRO Review

Publicated: 01 Mar 2019
This professional Binaural Beats app can help put your brain into various states by stimulating the cortex with differential frequencies of sound in the left and right ear. We use 2 slightly different frequencies of sound in each ear, mixed with special types of noise. The difference in the tones produces a pulsing sensation in the brain, which stimulates brain waves of the same frequency. Choosing the right pulse frequency can promote relaxation, pain relief, increased focus, or a number of different effects.

For best results, listen with headphones and read the introduction notes about each therapy. More therapy programs will be added over time, as we research more into the magical effects of Binaural Beats ?

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