Thai Numbers

Thai Numbers Review

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Author:Tony Milton
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Publication date:June 03, 2020


Thai Numbers Review

Publicated: 01 Mar 2019
Paying tourist prices or having trouble bargaining for better prices at markets?

Maybe you want to know how much to pull out of your wallet or purse when you're buying that tasty street food dish.

Learning Thai numbers will help you in all sorts of ways, and they're not that difficult to master.

Like learning anything new, the key is practice. I created this application based upon my experience trying to learn Thai numbers and used it repeatedly to practice before releasing it here on the App Store.

Thai Numbers starts introducing you to the numbers 0-9 and will then show you these numbers in a random order. Very quickly you will move up into the tens, hundreds, thousands and all the way up into the millions.

Ten minutes using Thai Numbers and you should be able to pick up the basics.

Twenty minutes using Thai Numbers and you should be able to haggle for cheaper items.

Thirty minutes using Thai Numbers and you're on your way to becoming a pro.

Give it a few days and come back to the app to refresh, and again after a week and you'll be amazing!

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