• 25-07-2022
  • Sandra Lehmann is an immersive soft-body physics vehicle simulation game that caters to both solo gamers and multiplayer enthusiasts. Featuring realistic vehicle damage and detailed destruction mechanics, players have the choice of a wide array of vehicles that encompasses cars, trucks, buses, and more.

A standout feature of is its innovative terrain deformation mechanism, giving players the freedom to mold the game's environment to craft personalized tracks and objectives. The entire game world welcomes players to engage with it destructively, allowing for the razing of structures, signage, and additional elements.


The graphical fidelity of is impressive, boasting detailed environments and vehicles that bear a striking resemblance to their real-world counterparts. The game's realism is greatly augmented through the precise adjustments made to the physics engine, playing a major role in deepening the immersion of the overall experience.


The essence of's gameplay revolves around the excitement of racing. The game offers a diverse fleet of vehicles, each with its distinctive handling and performance characteristics. Racers can engage in competitions on community-created tracks or channel their creativity into designing and distributing their own raceways. The game accommodates various racing styles and allows for competition against computer-controlled adversaries or actual players in online matchups. Intuitive in nature, invites newcomers with its approachability while simultaneously offering depth for those who seek to delve into the intricacies of track design and customization.

Replay Value

The ability to create and share tracks in greatly enhances the game's longevity, with players regularly contributing to a growing collection of diverse challenges and racing circuits. The extensive array of vehicle options and various gameplay modes, such as racing against computer-controlled opponents or challenging live players over the internet, guarantees sustained entertainment value within the The game's straightforward mechanics make it accessible to newcomers, while the extensive customization possibilities cater to players interested in exploring its deeper complexities.

Bottom Line distinguishes itself within the racing game category by offering a unique track-building feature and a platform for sharing these creations with a community. It appeals to racing enthusiasts who have an interest in designing and exchanging custom raceways, as well as those eager to tackle challenges fashioned by their peers. With a broad selection of vehicles, stunning visuals, and a physics engine that accentuates authenticity, the game is a standout choice for anyone fascinated with dynamic, user-driven racing experiences.


  • is a very realistic and accurate driving simulator that can be used to improve one's driving skills
  • It has a large number of vehicles and trucks to choose from, so players can never get bored
  • The graphics and physics are top-notch, making the game even more immersive
  • The multiplayer mode is great fun, and it's also a good way to meet new people who share the same interests
  • The game is constantly being updated with new content, so there's always something new to discover.


  • The learning curve can be quite steep, especially for newcomers to the genre
  • The game can be quite demanding on one's computer, so it might not run smoothly on all systems
  • The game can be quite addictive, so players might find themselves spending a lot of time in front of the computer!