• 04-03-2024
  • Sandra Lehmann

Bluey: The Videogame

The release of "Bluey: The Videogame" was met with eager anticipation as fans of the cherished Australian animated series looked forward to stepping into the world of their favorite Heeler family in interactive form. The series has a special place in the hearts of its viewers for its heartwarming stories, setting high expectations for the game. But does it manage to live up to the cherished aspects of "Bluey," or does it leave fans wanting more? Here's a detailed review.

A Feast for the Eyes:

At first glance, the game impressively captures the colorful and welcoming aesthetic of the "Bluey" TV series. The transition from the show's beloved 2D animation to engaging 2.5D game environments is seamless, preserving the unique charm of the Heeler family's world. Character animations are lively, and the original voice acting adds a layer of authenticity, making it feel as though you're part of an episode.

The Gameplay Experience:

In terms of gameplay, "Bluey: The Videogame" invites players to join Bluey and Bingo on a series of adventures across four main areas, including their home and the beach. The narrative centers around a treasure hunt, an endearing concept that unfortunately concludes too quickly. My experience, especially in co-op mode with my kids, was marred by gameplay glitches and imprecise controls that lessened our enjoyment. Additionally, the minigames, such as Keepy Uppy and Magic Xylophone, seemed lacking in depth and didn't hold our interest for long.

Concerns Over Content and Duration:

The most significant drawback of the game is its content and duration. Given its relatively high price, the game's short length—just a bit over an hour—and limited amount of content make it hard to recommend. The small number of locations and a lack of depth in exploring the show's universe will leave many fans desiring more, questioning the game's value for its cost, particularly for its intended young audience.

Opportunities for Exploration and Enjoyment:

Despite its shortcomings, the game does offer fleeting moments of enjoyment, especially when exploring the Heeler home in free-roam mode. The detailed environments and interactive features provide a short-lived but pleasant dive into the world of "Bluey." These instances are enjoyable but also underscore what the game could have been, pointing to its untapped potential rather than its successes.

Final Thoughts:

"Bluey: The Videogame" illustrates the difficulty of transforming a beloved television series into a compelling video game. While it succeeds in capturing the visual and auditory essence of the series, it falls short in delivering a fulfilling gameplay experience, content variety, and overall value. It might offer fans a brief visit to Bluey's world, but it feels more like a missed opportunity than an essential extension of the franchise.


  • Faithful recreation of the show's 2D animation style
  • Authentic voice acting and character animations
  • Brief moments of fun in exploration and free-roam modes


  • Short gameplay length with limited replay value
  • Gameplay issues including character freezes and imprecise platforming