• 30-01-2019
  • Sandra Lehmann

GoNoodle - Kids Videos

GoNoodle is an app with yoga, dance-along and mindfulness lessons for children. It is a life-saver for many US schools, and now it works parents at home. This app contains a multiple number of activities for kids. They can dance and jump, be silly and relax, focus on studying.

Design and Usability 10/10

GoNoodle is a platform for videos of high quality for kids. They are funny and easy to understand. There are lots of catchy moves and songs to repeat. All of them were made to attract the attention of kids. The best part is that videos look really bonanza.

Usability is really easy and can be quickly learned by both adults and children. It takes seconds to download and several minutes to browse along and find favorite short videos with dances, songs, yoga or learning tutorials.

Key Functions 10/10

GoNoodle was made for children, in the first place. While all the videos are really entertaining, it is easy to learn important material when you don’t know that it is there. The simplicity of narration helped dozens of teachers and parents to interact with children while explaining them complicated topics.

GoNoodle helps children to get used to moving their bodies, dancing. Children can actually use the app themselves, approved by parents. They can watch videos together with parents learning new moves together.

And let’s be honest, kids are stick to their phones anyway. Wisely chosen apps at least children can learn something useful or make some exercises. They can also attend mindfulness or yoga classes which help them to relax and prepare for sleep.

Security 10/10

Since the main users of the app are kids, it is extremely important to guarantee security for them. According to the developers of the app, they guarantee privacy. They actively cooperate with organizations for children safety online and operate according to the act that defends parental educational rights and privacy.

All the information that comes to the GoNoodle is carefully processed and stored. Information is not revealed until the careful review. Information about registered educators, parents and children are top-secret. During the registration, a child must give parent’s email. In 7 days parent will have to allow access to GoNoodle for a child. All the content is safe and examined by specialists.


GoNoodle is an amazing opportunity to spend more time with children, help them to learn something new, make them more active. Videos, approved by educators, can be watched at home together with parents or alone. There are group dances that are a pure fan to learn altogether.

This app is also a chance for parents to make their housework, while children are busy having fun with GoNoodle. The app does not bother you with boring lectures, does not overload with tons of information. All it offers is dancing, singing, and being silly while learning.


  • Entertaining learning videos for children
  • Free time for adults
  • Great helper for teachers.


  • It does have age limits and can’t lead you to the university
  • You need your phone to watch GoNoodle.