• 09-06-2020
  • Sandra Lehmann

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an intriguing survival horror stealth game crafted by Dynamic Pixels and disseminated by tinyBuild. Launching on December 8, 2017, the game falls within the thrilling category of survival horror and stealth and is accessible on all popular platforms, as well as on mobile devices running Google's Android and Apple's iOS.Players looking to experience the latest updates can find them on the respective official digital storefronts for each platform.

Game Overview 9/10

Upon playing Hello Neighbor, one quickly discovers it features an engrossing storyline. You play a character who becomes suspicious of a neighbor's paranoid behavior and unusual noises emanating from his basement. Your goal is to uncover the secret hidden below. As the neighbor leaves, you see an opportunity to stealthily infiltrate his home. However, it's fraught with challenges, including a series of cleverly hidden traps and the ever-present risk of the neighbor's unexpected return.

One significant feature of the game is its advanced artificial intelligence system that adjusts to your strategic decisions. If you enter through a window, don't be surprised to find it sealed shut on your next attempt, escalating the game's difficulty.

Visual and Sound Design 7/10

The game impresses with its visual fidelity, offering high-quality graphics that maintain their integrity despite the mostly dimly-lit environments. A variety of animations and effects contribute to an immersive experience.

Audio in Hello Neighbor is deliberately minimalistic, serving primarily to enhance the visuals. Although certain players might choose to play muted and listen to their own music, the game's experience is enhanced by its original soundtrack, particularly when using headphones, which amplifies the sense of immersion.

Gameplay Mechanics 10/10

Given its availability on both console and mobile devices, the controls for Hello Neighbor have been tailored accordingly. The game includes comprehensive instructions to help players get acclimated to the gameplay.

Engagement 7/10

Players should note that Hello Neighbor offers a single-player experience and has a linear gameplay structure. After the secrets of the basement have been revealed, there may not be much incentive to play the game again.

Overall Rating 8/10

Hello Neighbor stands out with its compelling storyline and top-tier graphics, making it a solid choice across various platforms. Even though the game may not entice players to replay it frequently, introducing a multiplayer mode could greatly enhance its appeal. Regardless, downloading it to PCs and compatible devices is highly recommended for an exciting gaming experience.


  • A powerful AI system
  • Good night and day graphics
  • Interesting plot


  • No multiplayer
  • Low replay value rank