• 31-01-2019
  • Emma Wilson

Smart Remote - Samsung SmartTV

Smart TV enables you to access all the basic controls of Samsung Smart TV’s right from your mobile phone using infrared technology. The app works on Android devices running Android 4.1. or the latest version of Android. The download is free of charge on Google Play.


Smart TV has gone many miles beyond most Android remote control applications. To begin with, the user interface is highly intuitive and easy to navigate. Launching Android mobile app gives you controls at the periphery areas of your screen and your channels list on the main part. At the top left corner is your power button that turns on your device. Smart TV allows you to create your favorite TV channels list and save it. 6/10.


The Smart TV Android tool uses infrared signals to send commands and receive feedback from your Smart TV. The Android app has gone beyond relying on mere infrared blasters to working with external infrared senders such as AnyMote and Zmote. Once you save that channel, you will only be required to tap it on your Favorites panel to access this leading remote. The downloaded app is always available, whether in foreground or background, and you can access information concerning the app using widgets, notifications, and the Smart Action Bar. Smart TV Remote tool is truly a smart app, with an ability to turn your devices on or off. Moreover, the app decides which function is responsible for which device. The Smart TV app comes with its database with IR codes which track whether your devices are on/off or working properly. 9/10.


A Smart TV remote is supposed to make your work of controlling the TV way easier thanks to dynamic/contextual remote options. This Smart TV remote doesn’t fail when it comes to anticipating your next move and giving you the right buttons you need to make those subtle controls on the TV. It not only gives you something that’s easy to use but gives you just the controls you need for a given context hence making the remote much easier to use. You won’t have trouble using it. 6/10.

The Verdict

An amazing app! You will not find an app that is quite like this anywhere on Google Play. If you are one of those lazy couch potatoes, then I bet that this application could be a better way to fiddle with your Samsung Smart TV screen. You can find this amazing utility Google application in the Google App Store or any other online app store provided that it is legit and contains the most recent version: v.3.7.1. The application is free of charge but has in-app purchases which consume your data. The data consumption shouldn’t worry you if you are using it with your Wi-Fi on.


  • Latest update controls up to 4 devices including an audio receiver, cable box, media player, and your TV
  • The app comes with a list of tutorial videos and FAQs that advance the user knowledge
  • Create a channel’s list by using logos with which you add channel details.


  • This is not an app for all Android devices. You can only use it on devices with an IR blaster
  • The remote app is not very reliable as any Android device
  • Ads will consume your data bundles.