• 03-06-2020
  • Sandra Lehmann

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is a user-friendly videoconferencing solution ideal for large-scale enterprises seeking advanced features and superior video and audio quality.

User Interface: 9/10

The design of the Cisco Webex Meetingsis visually appealing and operates flawlessly. Users have access to a calendar that displays scheduled meetings, as well as tabs for contacts, enabling easy outgoing calls. Critical controls for muting the microphone or disabling the camera can be readily found at the screen's lower section throughout a meeting. The interface is not cluttered with excessive buttons or icons, making Cisco Webex Meetings' design quite intuitive.

Functionality: 8/10

Setting up a video conference is straightforward on this platform. To arrange a meeting, one must use the conference planner to name the meeting, add attendees, and schedule the date and time. Participants receive an email with a "Join" link to enter the meeting when it begins.

Videos are shown in mirror mode by default, but this can be disabled. Notably, settings can be preserved for future use. This review points out that recording meetings to share with others is possible, capturing all audio, video, and any presented materials.

High-quality video and audio are assured, provided that there is a stable internet connection and that participants are equipped with quality cameras and headsets, simulating an in-person meeting experience.

Performance: 8/10

The application runs without hitches on devices, but it is worth mentioning that the positioning of the text chat could be improved. Additionally, the notification sound for participants exiting the meeting can become disruptive, particularly during large conferences.


The basic Meetings package is complimentary for attendees of existing meetings, offering unlimited sessions for up to 100 participants and ensuring end-to-end encryption for calls, among other features. Cisco provides a two-week complimentary trial for individuals interested in organizing their own conferences. Following the trial period, a subscription begins at $13.50 per month, with the final price contingent upon the quantity of host licenses needed.

Final Thoughts

Cisco Webex Meetings comes highly recommended for its utility to a remote workforce. Bear in mind that the free version does not allow for hosting meetings; hence, it is most suitable for those whose organizations already utilize Cisco Webex Meetings or who are willing to invest in the service.