• 29-01-2019
  • Emma Wilson

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

Navigate to your desired destination with the MapQuest GPS and Navigation app, which is compatible with devices and gadgets, including iPad,  iPod, iPhone, and Android smartphones. Here's an assessment of the app's features.

Interface - Rated 10/10

The interface impresses with its simplicity and user-friendliness. Opening the MapQuest app on Android (also accessible on iOS), I'm greeted with two clear options: 'Get Directions' and 'Find Places'. Selecting 'Find Places' allows me to search by category or name. Choosing 'Get Directions' enables starting from my location, choosing destinations, or reversing a route. For its intuitive design, the interface deserves a perfect score of 10.

Features - Rated 9/10

The app assists with rerouting around accidents and offers multi-stop directions, alternative routes, sharing capabilities, and extensive bookmarking features. I am grateful for the navigation system that provides spoken directions for each turn, whether I am driving or walking.

It includes automatic rerouting and real-time traffic updates, facilitating punctual arrival. With three driving route options and location/ETA sharing features, the app also excels in search functionality for nearby points of interest using an excellent layers bar. However, continuous GPS usage could deplete battery life quite quickly. The feature set merits a strong 9 out of 10.

Performance - Rated 9/10

MapQuest stands out as an efficient navigation app on both Google Android and iOS platforms, recognized for its seamless user interface and straightforward navigation. Its subscription-free support is an added bonus, being particularly helpful for services such as lockout assistance, fuel delivery, towing, and tire repairs. A combination of ease of use and a great user experience brings the performance rating to a 9.

I recommend downloading or updating the MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps app to the latest version for free to access even more sophisticated features, like live sector maps, high-quality satellite imagery, and turn-by-turn GPS guidance for users in Canada and the U.S. This updated variation also includes improved location and ETA sharing with contacts.

Bottom Line

MapQuest's GPS Navigation & Maps has significantly evolved from its origins as a desktop-only service. It now excels due to its intuitive usability, precise directions, and seamless incorporation of real-time traffic updates. Despite sometimes missing the most direct path or offering suboptimal directions and the absence of public transit directions, MapQuest remains competitive. It boasts the added advantage of on-demand roadside assistance and compatibility with Android Watch. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps is a reliable choice for meeting navigation requirements.