SiriusXM-Music, Comedy, Sports

SiriusXM-Music, Comedy, Sports Review

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SiriusXM Review. Entertainment On The Go

Publicated: 07 Feb 2019

I am a big fan of SiriusXM and have been subscribed to Sirius for about two years now. This service has become my travel companion, and it is very handy in traffic jams. I listen to my favorite music, comedy and enjoy football games that are not streamed in my area from my Mac at all times. I am a loyal customer, to say the least. This is why I was excited to hear that they had an iOS and Google Android app. I knew I had to get the app because it would make things even more interesting for me because all I would need is my phone. Here’s my honest opinion about the app.

Affordable Subscriptions

Before they released the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android app, Sirius was a web-based streaming service that was only accessible through internet-enabled PCs and Macs. A Sirius subscriber is required to pay a monthly fee of $2.99 to access the streaming service, and a non-subscriber has to pay $12.95 every month. The smartphone app did not change anything. It basically gives you access to the same platform. The only difference is that you will be accessing it through the app’s interface. The app is free, but every user has to pay the fees mentioned above to access the services.

The iOS and Android versions have very intuitive interfaces that are clearly laid out and easy to navigate. It is effortless for me to browse through the channels and choose favorites. The app’s design is fairly simple. Different functions are conveniently located on the homepage for easy access, and I like that it is not too cluttered.

Interesting and Entertaining Channels

Just like the Mac and PC versions, the app features news, entertainment, sports talk channels, and music only channels. These are all amazing channels, but I was disappointed to realize that the app did not include live sports broadcasts. The developers also choose to do away with Howard Stern in the app version. In my opinion, this is not the best decision for the company, mainly since most of the subscribers were subscribed because of Howard Stern’s channels. There is a great possibility that they will lose a lot of subscribers because of this. However, this is not a problem for me because I do not listen to the channel.


When I got the app, I was hoping that it would help me fix the problem of losing reception that I was experiencing when using my Sportster radio. Every time my antenna would pass under an obstruction, I would lose reception, and it would take a while before I got it back. However, this is not a problem with this leading app because it doesn’t need an antenna. The sound quality is also phenomenal compared to my other devices. Last but not least, the App Store and Google Play app for this tool doesn’t have any performance issues. The developers have really done a great job at updating it with performance improvements.

The Verdict 

As I said, I am a loyal Sirius customer, and I love the Sirius app. It is easy to use, has excellent sound and provides excellent entertainment channels. I would recommend it to anyone who likes listening to the radio or anyone who would like fantastic entertainment on the go. The latest version is available for free on Google Play Store and the App Store.

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