Snapseed Review

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Snapseed Review

Publicated: 31 Jan 2019

Using your phone to edit your pics should be fast and simple, hence no need for fancy interfaces or slow apps. So, your preferred app should include user-friendly tools and features alongside a simple interface. Fortunately, Snapseed does just that.


As with any application from Google Android, this app for all Android devices and iOS products maintains the design philosophy. Immediately I open the app; I encounter a blank screen where I’m asked to select the photo I need to edit. To begin the editing process, I’ll have to click on the pencil icon. The editing options available are also numerous. The control slider action is located towards the bottom. Snapseed user interface scores a 9.


While conventional photo editing tools such as Instagram offer fun ways in which I can doll up my photos, Snapseed further combines powerful enhancing and editing capabilities with a usable and clear interface. I can edit my pictures with ease just like in Photoshop since the downloaded app offers a package of editing resources and tools such as straightening and red-eye reduction. So I don’t need to be near my PC to work on any edits.

Another feature that I find interesting in Snapseed is that I can adjust smile in all my pictures. Furthermore, I can tilt the face to the top, bottom, left, or right while also offering several face enhancement modes. Notably, the photo editing tool has a ton of additional features and filters such as lens blur and curves which handle the blue, red, and green parts of my images. Among the many filters, I find black and white to be a favorite.

Due to its versatility, the features sections deserves a score of 10.



  • Numerous efficient photo correction tools
  • Non-destructive
  • Lots of enhancing effects.


  • The interface is more complicated than in Instagram
  • No social network that is photo-specific
  • No sharing on Instagram and Flickr.

I find the lead editing application to-the-point and easy to use. I’m using the Android app on the Snapdragon 810 processor OnePlus 2 with 4GB of RAM space, and the app doesn’t freeze or shutter. Therefore, I can confidently recommend it not only as a stable Android mobile application but also a tool that can manage the system resources to ensure the device performance remains flawless. With 29 filters and tools that can also be used by advanced photo editors, this app scores a 10 on usability.


You can download free Snapseed from Google play as well as from the Apple app store. This segment scores a 10.

The Verdict

I find Snapshed to be among the most powerful photo editors for Google play app for Android devices as well as Apple's iPads and iPhones. Its clever interface that matches its power justifies  50,000,000 - 100,000,000 APK installs in Google Play store alone. One setback, however, is that the Automatic Fix is somehow limited to color correction and contrast. Fortunately, it is more effective on photo fixing basics such as straightening, cropping, contrast, and brightness.

I would also recommend it due to its updated design in the latest version that makes it easier to access the application’s robust features.

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