Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies

Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies Review

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Pluto TV Review. Live TV and Movies on the Go

You no longer need to be at home to catch your favorite TV shows and movies. With Pluto TV app for all Android devices and Apple gadgets, you get to enjoy free TV and watch your favorite movies on your smartphone. Here’s a review of this leading app.

Interface 10/10

One of the attributes of this Google Android and iOS app that significantly contributes to its general convenience is the interactive and straightforward design. Users, regardless of whether they are first timers or not, will easily find their way within the app and still get loads of entertainment. Notably, the user interface has a similar appearance with an on-screen channel guide used by a majority of satellite TV and cable users. The interface gets a 10/10.

Features 10/10

Pluto TV comes with more than 100 live channels as well as thousands of movies from industry leaders such as CBS, NBC, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Bloomberg. This increases the likeliness of finding something to watch and to kill time whenever you tune in. This service offers free music videos, adventure, comedy, news, health, fitness, DIY, home & garden, and kids programming. So you don’t have to worry about that evening show in case you’re caught up in traffic as you can still watch it on your iOS or Android mobile device. The myriad of features in the app deserves a 10/10.

Performance 10/10


  • Offers an SD/HD option to adjust the resolution according to internet speeds
  • It’s a free app
  • No subscriptions
  • No credit cards.


  • Constant commercials are annoying
  • The app lacks a settings menu, an attribute that significantly bottlenecks the user experience
  • The lead app isn’t compatible with gadgets below iOS 10.0.

Relative to other IPA or APK in the same genre, Pluto TV comes out as one of the best in terms of performance and usability. The ease to navigate and intriguing design significantly contribute to this factor. Moreover, the application works efficiently without lags across all platforms, the attribute that gives the app a lead position in the rather competitive genre. The latest version comes with support for Apple TV, enhanced performance, and additional free movies. On convenience and ease of use, the app scores a 10/10.

Cross-platform Use 10/10

Pluto TV available as an App Store and Google Play app for iOS and Android respectively. The App Store version requires you to have iOS 10.0 and later, while the Android app varies with the specific device you’re using. Notably, it plays beautifully on the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, or Android device. The IPA and APK score a 10/10 on compatibility.

The Verdict

Overall, Pluto TV comes out as an entertaining TV tool. It may have its own limitations just like other applications in different genres, but more features will be hopefully added and updated in future considering it’s still a new application. Regardless, I still like the app and would recommend it to users who are mostly away from home but still would like to keep up with their favorite TV shows.

Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson
Editor, author of Wasteland3 Blog

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