• 13-10-2023
  • Stella Gonzales

My Friendly Neighborhood

Venturing into the bizarre and ghoulish world of the once-beloved "My Friendly Neighborhood" renders an assuredly fresh twist on the horror-survival genre. This captivating release offers a unique melange of the adorable and the abhorrent, distinctly shaping its narrative and gameplay.

The cheerful presentation of puppets that once graced television screens across the globe, presenting educational adventures and cracking innocent jokes for children, is all but a distant memory. 'The Friendly Neighborhood' regrettably was unable to keep pace with its competitors, leading to its tragic end. Reduced to an obscure, niche fanbase, the beloved puppet show faded into insignificance until it suddenly swooped back onto the scene with ghoulish gusto. It became uncharacteristically macabre, with terrifying images of puppets preying on one another on worldwide broadcasts.

Playing as Gordon, a city handyman sent to investigate these horrifying broadcasts, gamers are at once thrust into a thrilling riot of color and chaos. The puppets, once your cherished companions, become your main antagonists in a race against time to unravel the sinister truth behind these eerie broadcasts. Lurking within this meticulously designed, vibrant world are no laughable characters but deadly adversaries who don't understand defeat.

The game delivers a finely tuned balance of thrilling combat and captivating exploration, weaving a potent mix of exhilaration and mystery that consistently keeps players alert and engrossed. You find yourself armed with an innovative weapon, the Rolodexer, requiring clever usage of your linguistic skills to fuel your defense. The puzzles encountered rival the intensity and complexity of legendary survival horrors, giving you a real challenge. 

Adding to the allure are the sundry settings that you navigate, from Ray's Workshop bearing the backstage secrets to artistic halls constructed from vibrant crayons. The extent of the realism instilled augments the suspense as you work to uncover the chilling mystery. With an intuitive grid-based inventory system at your disposal, strategizing is effortless, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Make no mistake: "My Friendly Neighborhood" is decidedly not for the timid or for individuals seeking a heartwarming puppet spectacle. This game delves into the eerie depths of puppet lore, providing a level of spine-chilling suspense that can unsettle even the most experienced aficionados of the horror genre. One thing is clear, though: The Friendly Neighborhood is no longer friendly!


  • A unique and immersive storyline
  • A refreshing twist to survival horror
  • The challenging gameplay, coupled with complex puzzles
  • Intricate-level design supported by realistic visuals
  • A diverse ecosystem of adversaries.


  • Players may find certain antagonist puppets far too dreadful
  • The linguistic ammunition may prove tricky for some
  • The non-linear gameplay could be overwhelming to beginners