Adult Swim Offer Samurai Jack Series Free to Stream

Were you enchanted with the Samurai Jack series, like millions and millions? Did you feel bittersweet about the conclusion after the 13-year hiatus? Would you like to revisit that universe and join Jack in his time and space voyages? If yes, here’s some good news. Adult Swim, now owning the series, offers all five seasons for free.

If you have somehow missed it, here’s for your information. The protagonist is a Japanese prince, chosen to oppose the evil demon Aku. With the magic sword from the ancient gods, the guy who will later be called Jack starts the fight. And what seemed just a battle will unfold into a major travel all around the world, and then into the future and back.

Voiced by Phil LaMarr, the titular character we had to leave after the series’ end is still here in the official game by Adult Swim Games. The original visual style will be preserved, as well as the voicing. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is arriving later this year on all the major platforms. And while you’re stuck at home waiting for the release, why not rewatch the animation? Alas, it’s only officially watchable within the US, so those from other countries will have to VPN their way to it.

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