Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Players Invent Ways to Unlock Locked Features

The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II takes place in stages. Players so far can only enjoy the campaign part of the game; other modes will be unlocked later. Officially. Indeed, the community has already found the way to play other modes too, and it doesn’t even require a hack or any illegal modification. The hidden part includes the Firing Range and the Gunsmith, both of which may be helpful for the campaign.

Firing Range is exactly what it says on the tin: here, you can try weapons from the game’s enormous weaponry and accommodate to them or choose your favorites. It looks like a real firing range, with targets at the distance which you need to hit. Not that this can compare to PvP mode or something more essential, but still it’s fun to have it in the game and use like you’re supposed to.

Another component that’s required for this workaround is Gunsmith: this feature has been introduced not so long ago, and, again, it does exactly what you think. With a little help from Gunsmith, you can apply cosmetics and add attachments to your weapons. It’s not officially available either, but players can already access it.

So, how are these modes available if players are not supposed to see them so far? The recipe is simple. On PC, you need to press F6 and activate the menu from which you can enter either Firing Range or Gunsmith. Both modes seem a little unfinished when compared to those from earlier games. For example, the Firing Range lacks damage numbers and other practice indicators, and the Gunsmith seems lacking something too.

Soon we will see these features, as well as other game modes, officially. But it’s still fun to feel smarter than they thought. Have you already tried it? What can you say about Firing Range and Gunsmith? Was it helpful, or at least fun? Share your impressions with us in the comments!


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