Cyberpunk 2077 Almost Ready for Release!

Though 2020 will be full of AAA games, the most expected one is arguably Cyberpunk 2077, a futuristic open-world RPG by a Polish studio CD Projekt RED. After the triumphant The Witcher III, the studio focused on the next big project that’ll take four years. Now, according to the official statement, the game is virtually ready. It’s in its testing phase, and the number of testers is twice that of The Witcher III.

The team feels like it won’t have to move the release any further. So far, it’s scheduled for September 2020, and, despite the coronavirus outbreak, this date is final. Games by CD Projekt RED are known for their long main stories and even longer numerous side quests. And all those of Cyberpunk 2077 are already there. The time left will be used for debugging and promotion. It will take some time to polish the game (pun unintended).

In our console era, it’s no common approach to promote the game for PC first. As the company reveals, the game is more often preordered for PC than for consoles. Probably console fans expect for the official Gen9 release after the consoles hit the shelves. But they will get the update for free anyway if they order the version for PS4 or Xbox.

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