Facebook Launched Messenger Desktop for MacOS and Windows

Facebook recently announced the release of a new application for macOS and Windows, as well as a massive redesign. 

The creation of Messenger Desktop for macOS and Windows connected with the fact that more and more people use their browser for audio or video calls in Messenger. With the new application, you can call up for free on the video and talk on the big screen. Messenger Desktop allows you to chat with eight people at the same time without time limits. 

messenger desktop app presentation

All the functions of the standard Messenger are saved. You can chat with people, call up, share files, stickers, and so on. All chats will be available and synchronized. 

As for the design, you can click on the arrow in the upper right corner and select “Switch to a new design.” Next, you can choose a light or dark mode and use the new design. The list of friends is hidden. The left panel has become more extensive, with a larger font. The notification tab is not highlighted, and Facebook Watch, Marketplace, and Groups in priority are at the top. 

The creators say that such a redesign is a beta, so these features may change. They also promise that the social network will load faster with a new look.

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