Find Your Lost Fast Pair Accessories Even Offline With Google's Find My Device

We all have experienced the frustration of misplacing an electronic device. But soon, this could be a thing of the past, as Google is working on a Find My Device network that will enable users to track their Android device even when offline and locate lost Fast Pair accessories. 

As reported by Mishaal Rahman from Esper’s Senior Technical Editor, strings were found in the latest Google Play Services build regarding the last known location reports for devices within its network. The encryption technology in place ensures that only you will be able to access your device's location information and no one else. 

An exciting new feature coming with the Find My Device Network launch is support for Fast Pair Accessories. If an accessory loses connection to your phone, finding it again can be easier if you remember where you left it last or are lucky enough to somehow stumble across it. Thanks to this upcoming update, though, compatible accessories will be able to broadcast their encrypted locations even when they are offline, which nearby Android devices would then relay back up into Google’s server database and show up on your dashboard as long as you use the same account linked with that accessory before losing connection.  

As expected, there has been no official confirmation yet from Google. Still, according to Ina Fried from Axios “it looks like our best guess at this point is sometimes late (2023) given how complex some of these tasks are,” - which means we may not see these features launching anytime soon.  Now, all we can do is wait for more news from google, specifically about when exactly its anticipated release date with details about compatible devices might be before we get too excited about finally being able to use this helpful function without needing any internet connection at all. 

While there isn't much information available yet regarding this new network, what has been revealed so far gives us some hope that soon enough, all of us who lose our precious techy items quite often could depend on something other than luck alone if ever such a situation arises again in future.

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