• 15-11-2022
  • Emma Wilson
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Google Integrates Lens on Desktop Homepage

Google Integrates Lens on Desktop Homepage

The tech giant has been experimenting with Lens image recognition technology for quite some time, adding it to various products. This tool has become available directly from the home page on desktop browsers.

It's a well-known fact that Google's home page doesn't change often; if it does, it's something global. Now, you can find a camera on the main page with the .com domain, in addition to the keyboard and microphone icons in the search bar. Previously, this feature was used only on mobile browsers, but now it has become available in desktop versions. It simplifies the search for information; for example, if you find it difficult to describe what you need in words, you can use an image to search. This way, Google tries to expand the types of queries and optimize the search process.

The Lens works as follows. Click on the corresponding icon to activate the image search. You will be prompted to paste a link to the media file you need in the search bar or upload it from your device. After that, you will be automatically transferred to the results page. In doing so, Google offers more than just data about what is shown in your file. It really analyzes visual information and suggests you buy a product (if you uploaded a product photo), learn more about a new plant or animal, and even find out the name of the fashion designer whose show is captured in the picture.

Among the additional features of this function, it is worth noting QR code scanning and providing information encrypted in them, analyzing texts in pictures and translating them, and searching for the original image and a link to it. Of course, the convenience of this tool will not be a discovery for those who already use it on their portable devices. However, it's nice to have it on desktop browsers.

How do you like this Lens feature? How often do you use it, and why?