OpenAI Releases Transcription and Translation AI

OpenAI, a research company focused on artificial intelligence (AI), has released an open-source ‘Whisper’ AI that can transcribe and translate speech in real time. The firm made the announcement at the EmTech Digital conference held in San Francisco.

Whisper is based on the company’s previous work on end-to-end automatic speech recognition (ASR), which it open-sourced last year. ASR is the technology that converts speech to text.

According to OpenAI, Whisper can transcribe speech in multiple languages and translate it to another language in real time. The company has also released a demo video that shows the AI in action.

At the moment, Whisper only supports a limited number of languages, but OpenAI plans to add more languages in the future.

Whisper is not the only AI that can transcribe and translate speech. Google’s Cloud Speech-to-Text and Cloud Translation services also offer similar functionality.

However, OpenAI’s ASR technology is based on a neural network that is trained on a large amount of data. This makes it more accurate than traditional ASR systems.

OpenAI plans to use Whisper to build a multilingual AI assistant. The company is also working on an AI platform that can be used by developers to build their own applications.

The release of Whisper is part of OpenAI’s goal to make AI technology available to everyone. The company believes that AI should be open and accessible to everyone so that everyone can benefit from its advantages.

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