• 28-04-2024
  • Sandra Lehmann
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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course - New Bosses and Challenges Unveiled

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course - New Bosses and Challenges Unveiled

Studio MDHR has expanded the mesmerizing universe of Cuphead with its newest DLC, "The Delicious Last Course," providing players a fresh feast of challenges with a blend of retro animation and fiendishly difficult gameplay. This addition not only introduces new characters and enchanting lands but also presents a series of new bosses, each with unique mechanics and backstory. This article guides long-time fans and newcomers through the latest formidable bosses and the innovative challenges they bring to the table, ensuring a riveting gameplay experience that tests both skill and strategy.

New Inhabitants of Inkwell Isle

The Delicious Last Course features the new character Ms. Chalice, a spirited chalice with distinct abilities beyond those of the original duo, Cuphead, and Mugman. Her introduction brings versatility to gameplay through new tricks and traits, making encounters with bosses uniquely challenging and engaging. This DLC not only enriches the narrative but enhances the tactical approaches players can employ against new monstrous adversaries.

Mortimer Freeze – The Icy Spectacle

The journey embarks with players facing Mortimer Freeze, a cantankerous yet dapper snowman who reigns over the frostbitten terrains of Inkwell Isle. This boss fight pushes you to dodge and weave through an array of chilling attacks, from icy breath to throwing massive snowballs. Mastery of agility and patience is crucial as the environment changes, simulating a blizzard condition that blurs visibility. The unique design of Freeze’s lair challenges players to remain alert while managing spatial constraints, making it a thrilling opening battle in this DLC.

Esther Winchester – The Wild Witch of the West


Next, players find Esther Winchester, a witch with a penchant for the Wild West. Set in an abandoned saloon, this fight is a dynamic clash of dodging flying potions and mystical bullets. Esther utilizes magic to shift forms, altering her attack patterns and forcing players to continuously adapt their tactics. Her ability to summon minions from her cauldron adds a layer of difficulty, requiring precise timing and prioritization to manage multiple threats simultaneously.

Gastro Gig – The Monstrous Feast

Midway through The Delicious Last Course, players will clash with Gastro Gig, a monstrous entity made entirely of cursed culinary creations. This boss challenges players with a banquet of hazards, from flaming hot soups to sharp utensils raining down. Gastro Gig’s arena is a bustling kitchen where staying stationary too long can result in being cornered by his delicious yet deadly attacks. His volatile nature requires rapid adaptability and keen observation to anticipate sudden shifts in attack strategies.

Glumstone the Giant – A Stone-Cold Foe


In a more somber tone, Glumstone the Giant presents a colossal challenge, quite literally. Set in a cave resembling the facial features of Glumstone, this fight is a thrilling test of dodging falling debris and tackling the giant’s multiple interactive body parts – each with its own set of defensive mechanisms. As the fight progresses, the cave’s walls progressively close in, squeezing the arena and increasing the difficulty of avoiding the boss’s crushing blows.

Baroness Von Bon Bon’s Revival – Sweet Revenge

A nostalgic twist brings back one of the beloved bosses from the original game, Baroness Von Bon Bon, but with new tricks up her sleeve. Her castle, composed of candy and sweet treats, has been revamped to challenge players with new sugar-coated minions and unpredictable, sticky terrain. Adapting to her upgraded arsenal of sweet artillery and cunning defensive tactics will test even seasoned players.

The Howling Aces – The Fierce Flying Squadron

As players near the end of The Delicious Last Course, The Howling Aces, a squadron of anthropomorphic animal pilots, take the skies to stop Cuphead and his allies. This aerial assault requires players to maneuver through a chaotic barrage of bullets while managing their own aerial stability. The dynamic nature of this fight, coupled with the adrenaline of high-speed dogfighting, ensures a breathtaking and intense penultimate battle.

Chef Saltbaker – The Final Confrontation


The climax of this thrilling expansion is the showdown against Chef Saltbaker, the mastermind behind the malevolent trials of The Delicious Last Course. In his grand kitchen, players are tested on everything they've learned so far. Between avoiding scalding treats and deceptively appetizing traps, battling Chef Saltbaker requires agility, strategic planning, and resilience, representing a fitting culmination to this heart-pounding DLC.


Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Feast amplifies all the beloved elements of the original game while ramping up the difficulty with fresh new bosses and exciting gameplay features. Each boss introduces not only unique combat strategies but also integrates seamlessly into the enchanting narrative and visual art style that Studio MDHR is renowned for. Whether you're a strategic thinker or a reflex-based player, The Delicious Last Course promises an adventure worth taking, filled with trials, tribulations, and, most importantly, fun.