10 Best Videoconferencing Alternatives to Zoom

Zoom became one of the most popular applications for video calls after the coronavirus infection spread around the world. A lot of people switched to remote work, while many more have to communicate with the nearest and dearest, avoiding face to face meetings. 

Why Zoom? There are many reasons: it is cross-platform, free and easy to configure for both ordinary users and business. However, this application has some serious security and confidentiality flaws, which became known just the other day. Fortunately, there are some other apps like Zoom for more secure group calls. 


talky screenshot

Talky is a free computer-centric chat application. You can add up to 15 people to a video call. This app has a screen activation function, and all participants can watch what is happening on the screen of one person during the online conference. 

The main advantage of the application is its simplicity. Create a URL on the site and share it with the people you want to communicate. If the call is confidential, you can put a password on chats.


Hangouts app screenshot

The best thing about Google Hangouts is how the program connects with other Google products. If you create an appointment in Google Calendar, you will receive a link to Hangouts, by which the participants can go to the automatically generated call. 

Besides, you can find your files from Google Drive during the conversation and share them in the chat without leaving the application. Up to 10 people can join an online conference for free. The app doesn’t have a lot of extraordinary features. However, it’s simple and convenient. 

Skype Meet Now

skype meet now screenshot

Skype Meet Now function is something between the regular free version of Skype and the corporate version of Skype for Business. Unlike a regular program, this relatively new service allows you to share the screen and PowerPoint presentations during conference calls, draw on the Whiteboard, and is also integrated with Outlook mail and calendar to schedule meetings and invite participants.

However, the corporate version allows you to organize meetings with 250 participants. Skype Meetings supports only 10 participants in the first three months, and then only three. 



This app is one more good example of Zoom alternatives. Getting started with this application is simple: go to Whereby, create an account, click “Get started” under the free version, enter the name of your room, and go into it. Then copy the link and send it to colleagues or friends who should be participating in the conference. 

Up to 4 people can join the call for free, and with the subscription, up to 12 participants have access to the room. There is a chat panel, emoji, and of course, the screen sharing option if you install the plug-in in the browser. Want to get the 80th level of privacy? Lock your room, and every newcomer has to knock the door before joining the talk. 


bluejeans app screenshot

Paid solution for organizing video calls for up to 100 participants, as well as more significant events and webinars for up to 15 thousand people. You can also use BlueJeans trial version for 30 days. The cheapest plan costs $9.99 per month and allows you to arrange unlimited-time conferences for up to 50 people.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex app screenshot

Cisco Webex Meetings is a service for interactive and large-scale online conferences: from meetings and presentations to educational training up to 100 participants. To do this, install the application on a PC.

Webex interface is similar to a messenger where you see the contacts and a calendar of meetings. During conferences, the faces of the participants appear on the screen. Of course, you can share your presentations or other files to work with them together during a conversation. You can record a conference and then store it on your servers or in the cloud. 


Appear.in screenshot

Appear.in uses some advanced technologies, such as WebRTC, and works in most modern browsers. It’s incredibly easy-to-use. Just open the page in your browser, add the name of the room to the address and enter the conference. The picture quality is quite decent, and lags are less frequent than on Skype. 


Jitsi screenshot

The application works best when the number of participants does not exceed 35. In general, about 75 people can take part in the Jitsi conference. 

Users can share their desktop or show various presentations due to Jitsi. If you want to hold public lectures, you can broadcast the video conference on YouTube. Furthermore, you can watch YouTube videos altogether in a Jitsi chat. The users also can edit documents in Etherpad. There is also a phone-call function. 

Conference participants have the opportunity to raise their hands virtually using their buttons. It’s a signal that you want to get the word next. There is a built-in chat for text messaging, as well as a recording function for the current discussion. 


underConference app screenshot

UberConference – the service created by a major US telecom provider Dialpad. During the coronavirus pandemic, the UberConference authorities significantly softened the time limit for free conferences. The maximum number of participants was also increased – up to 50. Instead of 45 standard free minutes, users can arrange a meeting for 5 hours. The service has a screen sharing function and an audio recording of the conversation. 

Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams screenshot

The Microsoft Teams platform is the modern workplace of any employee, regardless of their location. Microsoft Teams allows team members to arrange online meetings with audio and video, share various types of files within the team workspace. The program is a team-based space based on four key ideas – a chat, a collaboration center, individual settings, and reliable protection.

Communicate Without Limits

As you can see, you can say goodbye to zoom without tears and quickly find a replacement for it. You can choose something new or use the good old Skype. The main thing is that under any circumstances, you have the opportunity to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, family, and generally anyone due to convenient and safe videoconferencing apps. Share the piece with your friends to choose the service for the next online-party. Comment on what service works best for you.

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